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Grand Sierra Logo & Branding

The wholesale Winter weather accessories brand Grand Sierra has been going strong since the late 80's, and it wasn't until the mid 2000's that the logo and branding were reexamined. After stepping into my role at the company, I worked with the CEO to evolve the brand in several iterations to push Grand Sierra into the future and compete with some of the larger more traditionally "stylish" brands.

Our first redesign was in 2017. As a company with deep roots in the industry, we wanted to keep the logo layout similar to the original but simplified and refined to reflect the direction of the company. After a few years of the initial redesign, we decided that the brand needed to move further towards a sportier, more contemporary look with a layout that could change fluidly across the large types of media it would live on. Its final design was crafted to lay out as both a square and a rectangle for ample usage without affecting the standard layouts across the tags, stickers, header cards and other materials it would eventually come to live on.

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